The long-term sustainability of our business relies on our capacity to build trustful relations with all our stakeholders. Therefore, Dufry has identified specific priorities to focus on. In particular:


  • Permanently evolve its robust Corporate Governance, including the adaptation of Dufry's Code of Conduct & other polices, to reflect the needs of the business model, the company strategy and the expectations of stakeholders.
  • Continuously assess and monitor Dufry's business environment and related risks thus permitting to secure sustainable long-term growth and to establish respective audits and controls where needed.
  • Align the composition and the skills of its Board of Directors to reflect the company's global presence, its business model as well as the consideration of cultural, gender and ethnic diversification aspects.
  • Supervise our ESG strategy at the highest governance body as part of the overall company strategy evolution based on an ongoing stakeholder dialogue.
  • Support wealth creation of the local communities.
  • Continue to foster the well-established dialogue with key stakeholders such as landlords and suppliers.
  • Comply with rules and regulations, including internationally accepted human rights standards and zero tolerance policy in respect of bribery and corruption by any of its employees, directors and officers in this regard. The company's Compliance Office and Internal Audit departments perform regular compliance trainings and control adherence to the respective policies.


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