Dufry’s success goes beyond commercial and financial performance and we understand that our business activities also have an impact on the communities in the countries in which we operate. Since 2019, Dufry has supported the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. We regularly align our overall sustainability strategy with these ten principles and develop relevant initiatives geared to achieving a more sustainable business, including:


Customer Focus 

  • As the leading global travel retailer, we aim to further improve the overall traveler experience – in our shops we welcome customers from over 150 nationalities every day – and initiate growth opportunities that benefit brands, airports and travelers alike, by developing attractive shopping environments.
  • We are committed to providing responsible retailer training for the sale of alcohol products to store and office staff involved in the sale of alcohol.


Protecting Environment

  •  While in 2020 we have fully revised Dufry’s Sustainability Strategy, the ongoing verification of the strategy and alignment with any new requirements remains a central focus.
  • During 2021, we will continue the assessment of our environmental impact with the aim of establishing measurable objectives and a robust reporting structure, which will enable Dufry and its stakeholders to have an even better understanding of the environmental footprint of its operations.


Employee Experience 

  • Diversity and inclusion remain an area of focus for Dufry. Our corporate global initiative, launched in 2016 to bring together female leaders across the business from a variety of functions and geographies, continued in 2020 with the mission of ensuring women’s advancement at Dufry. It supports talented women to rise to leadership positions within the company, and helps employees better manage work, family and life-balance topics. The goal of this initiative is especially important to give visibility to women that are progressing in the company, as it gives inspiration to others. Other corporate initiatives, such as the talent program (more details available in Employee Experience) strive to incentivize women’s progression within Dufry.
  • The ongoing development of fair compensation and of gender-pay gap reduction programs remained an important part of our efforts in 2020. Through different initiatives across locations such as the UK (one of Dufry’s largest operations) and Switzerland, compensation schemes were analyzed and remediation plans established if needed.
  • Fostering dialogue with employees is a vital part of our strategy, based on the understanding that our staff are our most valuable asset. In 2019, we conducted a new wave of the Engagement Survey with the participation of 25,213 Dufry employees – representing 73 % of our workforce at that time. Follow up meetings and plans to improve engagement have been put in place and will continue in 2021 and beyond.


Trusted Partner

  • Through our shop network, we directly and indirectly support the local economies of the countries in which we operate: either by employing local staff, sourcing local products, or by paying taxes. Providing jobs and quality working conditions and opportunities, including our training and development programs, are important contributors to developing local wealth.
  • Continuing our plan to monitor our supply chain sustainability and include additional suppliers who have accepted the terms of our Supplier Code of Conduct. In 2021, we will launch the re-engagement process with our key suppliers to agree to the terms of the updated Dufry Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • While in 2020 we have fully revised Dufry’s Sustainability Strategy, the ongoing verification of the strategy and alignment with any new requirement remains a central focus.

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