Customer Focus

  • Set up a comprehensive program to educate all members of our staff involved in the sale of alcohol products based on principles and guidelines set by the DFWC
  • Continued to enhance our shopping environments with the opening of 9,600 m2 of additional retail space and refurbishment of stores representing 12,800 m2 – equal to 3% of Dufry´s total retail space


Protecting Environment

  • Strengthened corporate Environmental Management System to support environmental strategy development
  • Implemented plastic bags decommissioning plan with expected completion in 2021-2022
  • Mapped Dufry's GHG emissions including data from operations representing 64% of our global sales as well as the vast majority of the logistics network
  • Increased stakeholder dialogue on environmental issues, especially with logistics partners


Employee Experience 

  • Successfully completed re-certification of Equal Salary Certification in Switzerland
  • Realigned training and development program for employees
  • Expanded internal communication channels to improve reach to non-desktop employees
  • Adapted health & safety store and office protocols to protect employees and customers in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Initiated evolution process of our women@dufry initiative to extend its scope to diversity and inclusion


Trusted Partner

  • Implementation of strong ESG Governance structure
  • Development of Dufry Sustainability Strategy
  • Update of Dufry's Code of Conduct and public disclosure of the Supplier Code of Conduct

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