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Basel, November 21, 2017

Dufry opens 7 stores in the new Terminal of Cancun Airport

including the first New Generation Store in Latin America

Dufry inaugurates 2,540 m² of new retail space and launches its New Generation Store in the newly-opened Terminal 4 in Cancun International Airport, Mexico. With approximately 1,900 m², Dufry presents for the first time in Latin America its New Generation Store, a retail concept featuring extensive and innovative use of digital applications in order to increase passenger communication and drive sales. New Generation Stores are already in operation in Melbourne, Australia, and Madrid, Spain. Going forward, Dufry plans to unveil several shops around the world under this new concept.

Following the 10-year contract renewal signed last year with Aeropuertos del Sureste (ASUR) and the inauguration of the new Terminal 4, Dufry expanded its operation in Cancun Airport totaling 16 stores and almost 6,300 m² of retail space. In the new terminal, Dufry added 2,540 m² across 7 new shops with a full range of luxury products in both duty-free and duty-paid segments complementing Dufry’s existing presence in Terminal 2 and 3.


The highlight of the new shops is the New Generation Store of close to 1,900 m², which will allow Dufry to better interact with and to increase the number of passengers attracted to the store and to offer them a more personalized shopping experience through digital communication. Tablets and new digital screen equipment will allow the communication with customer to be more flexible and to adapt to different nationalities according to arrival and departure flights. This allows to better tailor messaging to the specific preferences of the changing passenger profiles and to increase the communication impact, with the ultimate goal to increase sales. The new shop concept presents a high degree of customization, as a way to connect customer with this digital atmosphere through integrated audio and advertising (for example, 6 brands will have the opportunity to broadcast their advertising throughout the store using the digital screens for 30 seconds each).


In Terminal 2, Dufry operates a retail area of almost 1,700 m² with 6 stores: 3 duty-free with a total of 1,155 m² and 3 duty-paid, with 519 m². In Terminal 3, with an area close to 2,080 m², Dufry operates 2 duty-free shops, covering 2,031 m², and a duty-paid shop of 52 m². The best selection of luxury products from various categories are offered to passengers including wines and spirits, perfumes and cosmetics, as well as confectionary, tobacco, fashion and accessories. Luxury brands like Chanel, Victoria's Secret, Michael Kors, Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger complete the shopping experience in these terminals.


In the international area of the newly-opened Terminal 4, Dufry launches 7 stores, totaling 2,540 m² of retail space: in the departures side, in addition to the duty-free New Generation Store, there is also a duty-free Last Minute store with 119 m², and in the arrivals, Dufry operates a general duty-free shop of 162 m². The duty-paid segment is also presented in the domestic area, with successful retail formats, which allow to offer to domestic travelers a high-quality shopping experience with a similar environment as in duty-free. Dufry opened four different shops in the departure side: a perfumery boutique, with 157 m², offering fragrances from brands such as Calvin Klein, Chanel, Bulgari, Carolina Herrera, among others; a Last Minute shop of 26 m²; a 42 m² MAC store, a renowned make-up brand, and finally a 126 m² Victoria's Secret store.


The duty-free shop of Terminal 4 is setup as a walk-through shop featuring a strong sense of place through typical design elements of the Mexican culture such as wrestling “lucha libre”, typical tiles and tequila. The store presents two main theme areas: The "Essence of Mexico", located in a premium position in the store center, offering a selection of local products including tequila, mezcal, wines and other Mexican alcoholic drinks and the "Taste of Mexico", where local confectionery such as chocolates, natural vanilla, gourmet coffee, hot sauces like habanero, jalapeño and chipotle, salt worms, biscuits and Mexican ‘dulce de leche’ are offered among other specialties.


The Cancun International Airport is the second busiest airport in Mexico, following Benito Juarez International Airport, in Mexico City. In 2016, Cancun airport welcomed more than 21 million passengers, a 9.3% growth over the previous year. The airport is easily accessible from almost every major city in the world as major international airlines and charters offer direct or daily connecting flights to Cancun.


René Riedi, CEO of Dufry’s Division 4 of, comments: "We are very pleased with Dufry's partnership with ASUR and the inauguration of this new terminal at Cancun International Airport. As we are expanding our operation, customers will enjoy the world-class shopping experience of Dufry in the innovative environment of the New Generation Store. This is the first store of this concept launched in Latin America with Mexico being chosen due its importance as one of the most touristic destinations in the world and also due to the support received from our partner. Our team is ready and willing to provide innovative retail solutions and looking forward to develop more incredible stores at this airport".

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