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Basel, June 05, 2017

Dufry successfully extended its contracts in Brasília and Natal,
for 10 years and adds further retail space

Dufry successfully extended for additional 10 years, until 2033, its contracts with Inframerica Group for its duty-free and duty-paid operations at Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport in Brasília and São Gonçalo do Amarante International Airport in Natal. Based on the new contracts, Dufry will operate close 2,200 sqm of duty-free and 5,300 sqm of duty-paid space at the airports, totaling almost  7,500 sqm.

Following the first agreement with Inframerica Group to operate all shops for 10 years in 2013, Dufry now early extended its contracts until 2033 for duty-free and duty-paid operations, thus further consolidating Dufry’s presence in Brazil. With these new contracts, Dufry will add more space in the duty-free totaling close to 2,200 sqm and more than doubles the size of the duty-paid operations, with a total area of around 5,300 sqm.


Expanding existing duty-free travel retail shops and adding new shops


Based on the new agreement, Dufry will double the space of its general travel retail shop in Brasília from 580 sqm to 1,180 sqm located at the arrival area which is the most important space in terms of spend per ticket and passenger conversion. In terms of product assortment, Dufry will further enhance its core portfolio of products, which includes perfumes and cosmetics, wine and spirits, confectionery, fashion and accessories, by adding more brands as well as a wider product mix. It is also worth mentioning that this shop is already designed according to a walk-through concept, capturing all passenger traffic to pass through the shops. In addition to that, Dufry will inaugurate two last-minute-shops at the departure area, totaling 58 sqm. This concept is also very attractive, since it serves our customers’ needs right up to the final moments of their travel, and offers our best selling products.


In Natal, the duty-free operation covers 480 sqm.  The total expansion will increase the duty-free operations from 1,500 sqm to close to 2,200 sqm, considering both airports.


Duty-paid operation doubling its area by adding several new shops and concepts


The first pilot for Dufry Shopping Megastore was introduced in Brasília airport in 2014, when Dufry inaugurated a 1,600 sqm general walkthrough travel retail shop to serve domestic passengers, with a similar shopping environment and product offer to duty-free shops. This is a unique concept worldwide, with great potential, given that in Brazil, domestic passengers account for around 90% of the air passengers. With the contract extension in Brasília, Dufry will add almost 2,000 sqm new space within different and existing concepts and, further improve the shop experience for its customers. Just to highlight one interesting concept, Dufry will open several kiosks in different airport locations, which will be partly inaugurated by September. This concept offers the best selling products for duty-paid costumers, such as perfumes and cosmetics, confectionery, toys, fashion and accessories, among others. As far as Natal airport is concerned, the duty-paid operation covers close to 600 sqm.


Last but not least, the Hudson concept is also present at the Brasília and Natal airports with a total of 8 shops. This concept has been well-received by the Brazilian market ever since 2014, and Hudson is now an important player in Brazil.  Combined with the 2,000 sqm new retail space, Dufry will thus operate close to 5,300 sqm of duty-paid retail space at the Brasília and Natal airports.


Brasília is one of the largest hubs in Brazil and is the third largest city in Brazil. In 2016, this airport welcomed 17 million domestic and more than 600 thousand international passengers. Natal airport received 2.3 million passenger in 2016 and, it is one of the most popular tourist destination for Brazilians and Europeans due to its geographical location.


Julían Díaz, CEO of Dufry, commented: “We are proud to further extend the successful partnership with Inframerica, which we started in 2013. This will allow us to even further develop the operations and to seize new opportunities. With these additional spaces, Dufry fosters its presence in the Brazilian travel retail market, as well as in some of the most important Brazilian airports, thus confirming the countries position as one of the most important operations in Latin America. I thank Inframerica for the renewal of this successful partnership their trust in Dufry; we are thrilled to continue working together and bringing to our customers a unique shopping experience at these airports.”



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