Dufry introduces Mind, Body and Soul shop-in-shop concept at Queen Alia International Airport

Dufry introduces Mind, Body and Soul shop-in-shop concept at Queen Alia International Airport


Dufry proudly announces the introduction of the new global shop in shop concept called Mind, Body & Soul at Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) in Amman, Jordan. This innovative new retail concept has been developed to meet increasing customer interest in purchasing healthier and more sustainable products.

The Mind, Body & Soul stores, which will be presented as a “shop in shop” format within existing Dufry stores, will offer a range of nutritious, energy-focused foods for health conscious customers, alongside sustainable products for a better environment, and many relaxing products that help promote a sense of wellbeing.

Within the Mind, Body & Soul area in Jordan, relevant new lines and product assortments from existing suppliers such as Rivage, Bloom and Al Reyhan will be offered, alongside many new brands, which Dufry has also been able to introduce. These include the Long Haul Spa range, which focuses on mini spa products for use inflight for travel comfort and well-being, and internationally recognised brands such as Chilly’s and Fitbit. Examples of eco-friendly brands on offer include Verolive’s natural skincare products and HAAN’s sustainable option for hand sanitisation and skincare, presented in recyclable and refillable packaging.

Commenting on the Mind, Body & Soul concept, Andrea Belardini, Chief Commercial Officer at Dufry, said, “Wellbeing and sustainability are just two of the topics that are very much a priority for many people now. As the leading global retailer, Dufry is committed to promoting sustainability and wellbeing within the travel retail sector and wanted to seize the opportunity to fill this gap in the market.

In response to customers becoming more aware of the importance of mindful, healthy and responsible shopping, we have developed this Mind, Body & Soul concept, which will be tailored by location to suit customers’ specific wants and needs. The shop-in-shop in Jordan is the first such launch and will be followed by further openings in several locations worldwide, including Cambodia, Brazil and Bali to name just a few. We expect a positive customer reaction to the introduction of this concept and its collection of products, which are intrinsically linked with sustainability and overall good health.”

Nicolas Claude, CEO of Airport International Group, the Jordanian company responsible for the rehabilitation, expansion and operation of QAIA comments, “As Jordan’s prime gateway to the world, we are keen to shape a convenient and welcoming travel experience filled with all the things our passengers value most; a home away from home, so to speak.

To accommodate these preferences, we’re excited to have Mind, Body & Soul at QAIA and to see our passengers from around the globe explore its renowned health and wellness brands, particularly the natural and organic products of our premium local suppliers.”

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