With the acquisitions of Nuance in 2014 and World Duty free in 2015, Dufry has started a new era in its history that today involves close to 29,000 employees and more than 370 locations worldwide. The first priority of the group in the next 18 months will be the complete integration of World Duty Free and the implementation of the new business operating model. Dufry is strongly committed to sustainability and plans to expand its sustainability reporting step-by-step in the coming years with more detailed analysis of the impact it has on society and the environment.

Dufry companies operate in all countries according to local legislation and regulations. We have incorporated across the group an “Integrity in Business Transaction Policy” that sets guidelines in the fair dealings with business partners and particularly prohibits any kind of passive or active bribery or corruption. The policy is applicable to all employees, including the Group Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. In case of any question regarding the Policy or suspicion of a violation of the Policy, any Dufry employee can connect with a centralized contact point through a dedicated Dufry email address or follow the hierarchical reporting line. Any wrongdoing concerns can also be reported directly to the CEO. The identity of an employee reporting such concerns or possible violations against the Policy will be kept confidential, unless the disclosure of the identity is required by law. Insider information and security trading policies are also in place and signed by all employees concerned.

Stakeholder value allocations by Dufry in 2015

The stakeholder value allocation of Dufry corresponds to corporate output less third-party inputs. The calculation is based on Dufry’s EBIT plus personnel costs. It does not comprise of values allocated to business stakeholders, such as suppliers and landlords.

Dufry employees are the most important stakeholder value contributors.

The value allocated reached CHF 988.9 million in 2015 (CHF 876.2 million in 2014). Of this amount, CHF 856.2 million was accrued to our employees inform of remuneration and social security payments. CHF 200.7 million were for interest payments to our bondholders and financing banks. Current income taxes to public authorities and communities in which the group companies are located were CHF 69.9 million,net of deferred income taxes, a tax income of CHF 10.1 million was reflected in the income statement.

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