General Travel Retail Shops

The general travel retail shop is the most commonly used concept at Dufry, covering the full range of categories, such as perfumes & cosmetics, food & confectionery, wines & spirits, watches & jewelry, fashion & leather, tobacco goods, souvenirs and electronics and others.

General travel retail shops carry a large product assortment and are typically located in central areas with high passenger flow, mostly in airports, but can also be in seaports and other locations. In airports, both departure and arrival areas can be fitted with this shop concept. In the duty-free segment, these shops can be identified by carrying the name of several retail brands in our portfolio, including Dufry, Nuance, World Duty Free, and Hellenic Duty Free among others, or a name combination linking to the specific location, such as Zurich Duty-Free or Stockholm Duty-Free. As of December 31, 2021, Dufry operated 921 general travel retail shops.

In 2017, Dufry introduced the new generation store concept, increasing customer communication through digital technology, with the first three stores opened in Madrid (Spain), Melbourne (Australia), and Cancun (Mexico), followed by four in Zurich (Switzerland), a second one in Cancun and one in Heathrow T3 (UK) in 2018. In 2019, Dufry added 4 new generation stores: in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Amman (Jordan), Malaga and Alicante (Spain). In 2020 and 2021 the number of highly digitalized shops, which include specific elements of the new generation store, was increased to 50.

General Travel Retail Shops by Dufry
General Travel Retail Shops by Dufry

Dufry Shopping

Dufry shopping offers domestic passengers a similar shopping experience to the one offered to international travelers in a classic general travel retail duty-free shop, but in a duty-paid environment instead, with a wide assortment of different product categories and including a similar brand variety. In this context, Dufry Shopping fulfills more of a convenience aspect as there are a number of countries where domestic travelers account for the majority of passengers, specifically in large countries such as among others China, the United States and Brazil, where this concept can offer additional potential.

The concept was first introduced in Brazil in 2014 and was quickly expanded to 7 other locations in the country. The concept is also present in the United States, with a Dufry Shopping store at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, and at Malta International Airport. Further Dufry Shopping stores were opened in 2020 at Newark Liberty International and the Salt Lake City airports in the U.S. as well as at the Fortaleza and Odessa airports in Brazil and Russia respectively. In 2021, Dufry opened an additional Dufry Shopping Megastore at its Porto Alegre operation in Brazil as well as a Dufry Shopping at Guadalajara Int. Airport in Mexico.

Dufry Shopping
Dufry Shopping

Brand Boutiques

Dufry is a partner of choice for global brands to showcase their products in dedicated retail spaces and to mirror their high-street image. To best meet each location’s traveler profile, we design these shops as standalone boutiques or integrate them as a shop-in-shop in our general travel retail stores. Brand boutiques exist in both duty-free and duty-paid areas and enhance the traveler’s experience, allowing the creation of an exciting shopping mall environment.

As of December 31, 2021, Dufry operated 214 brand boutiques, such as: Armani, Burberry, Bally, Bottega Veneta, Bvlgari, Cartier, Chloe, Coach, Ermenegildo Zegna, Gucci, Hermès, Hugo Boss, Jo Malone London, Lacoste, LaPrairie, Lindt, MAC, MCM, Michael Kors, Montblanc, Omega, Polo Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, Swatch, Swarovski, Tod’s, Tumi, Versace, Victoria’s Secret and others.  For a longer list of brands, see our Brand Universe.

Brand Boutiques by Dufry
Brand Boutiques by Dufry

Convenience Stores

Our convenience stores offer a wide product assortment that passengers may want or need when traveling. The range includes soft drinks, confectionery, packaged food, travel accessories, electronics, personal items, souvenirs, newspapers, magazines and books. Within this concept, we use different brands according to the passenger profile and the location. North America is home to most of our convenience stores, with more than 684 shops. In addition, we operate 121 Hudson convenience stores outside North America.

“Hudson” is our most important brand in the convenience segment with strong customer recognition and it is highly valued by passengers. As “The Traveler’s Best Friend”, our goal with Hudson is to provide passengers with anything they may need during their journey. Hudson is a successful, very flexible concept operated at airports within international and domestic areas, as well as in other channels such as railway stations and other transit locations. Hudson shops are carefully designed and facilitate orientation through whimsical, color-coded signage to attract customers’ attention to four distinct selling areas: Media, Marketplace, Essentials and Destination.

The newest innovation in 2021 is the Hudson Nonstop shop which, leveraging Amazon’s just-walk-out and Amazone One technologies, allows travelers to enter the store with their credit card or through palm recognition, pick up their travel items, eliminating the need to wait in checkout lines or stopping to pay in-store.

Convenience Stores
Hudson - “The Traveler’s Best Friend”

Specialized Shops

Specialized shops and theme stores are shop concepts that offer products from a variety of different brands, belonging to one specific product category or which convey a sense of place. We often use this concept for products such as watches & jewelry, sunglasses, electronics, spirits, food and destination products, in locations where we see potential for a shop to carry a broad product range relating to one specific theme. These shops can be located in airports, seaports and on-board cruise liners, as well as in hotels or downtown locations.

Examples of the shop concept names include “Colombian Emeralds International”, a dedicated watches & jewelry format used in the Caribbean market; “Kids Works” with its wide selection of toys, dolls, games, books and apparel for children and “Tech on the Go”, focusing on the needs of the tech-oriented traveler offering electronics and accessories. Further examples are “Sun Catcher” for sunglasses; “World of Whiskies” and “Tequileria” for a selection of finest single malt or blend whiskies and tequilas; “Master of Time” for luxury watches and jewelries; “Temptation” and “Timebox” for fashion watches and accessories; “Sound & Vision” for multi-brand electronics; “Travel Star” for luggage and travel essential products and finally “Atelier”, a women’s leather accessories store.

As of December 31, 2021, Dufry operated 509 shops under the Specialized Shops / Theme Stores concept.

Specialized Shops
Specialized Shops

Online Channels & Services

Dufry has been connecting its physical stores with digital applications and customer services for many years and continues to develop new digital touchpoints to engage with customers along the whole travel journey.

Starting from when a trip is planned, customers can reserve their most wanted products through Reserve & Collect and just collect their goods and pay at departure or arrival. Our New Generation Stores, welcome travelers in different languages during the day, which are aligned with the flight schedules to suit the respective nationalities, and clearly highlight the latest travel retail exclusives or novelties. Dufry customers benefit globally from attractive and unique airport-specific services through our Red By Dufry customer loyalty program. When approaching airports or other locations where Dufry operates shops, Red By Dufry identifies the customer and sends them the latest updates on the locally available promotions – an easy and convenient way to earn and redeem benefits globally in the Dufry shops or through our partners.

Forum by Dufry is the company’s own social media channel, where our brand partners can feature their novelties, special editions and stories related to their products, thus having direct access to their customers. Forum interlinks all Dufry online channels.

Increased digital customer experience services and mini-Apps are in use in selected operations in Hainan, where Dufry participates in the Global Duty Free Plaza Stores. They support local shopping behaviors and are integrated in popular Apps such as Alipay and WeChat. Functionality and services offered are in line with local dutyfree sales regulations; e.g. the possibility of home-delivery, thus offering a comprehensive shopping, payment and service experience for online and offline use.

Reserve & Collect is available globally in 170 locations across 46 countries.

Forum by Dufry connects brand partners and customers in an aspirational environment and gives access to all Dufry online services.

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