Dufry’s business operating model is based on a matrix organization where global functions run through the three operational layers consisting of Country, Division and Headquarters. This organizational structure allows for fast response to market developments, while securing efficient coordination across the whole organization. Our globally standardized processes deliver efficiencies and allow a seamless execution from a commercial and financial perspective. 

The most important elements of the organization are the locations themselves, since our business is generated there with the customers, and they also hold the relationship with the landlords. Thanks to our organization, local operations can thus fully focus on the commercial activities in the shops and rely on the full support of the central and divisional functions.

Global processes for local business.

The teams of our central functional departments such as Marketing, Procurement, Logistics, Finance and IT act as centers of excellence and provide the framework for processes and initiatives, which can be executed globally in our operations. Their global view facilitates the implementation of best practices at divisional and country level.

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