Dufry's business operating model reflects the operational and management structure and is based on three levels:

  • Headquarters
  • Division
  • Country

The new organization allows Dufry to respond faster across all levels, given the lighter structure. Furthermore, with standardized processes, Dufry is able to create synergies throughout the whole organization and achieve consistent and even stronger commercial and financial execution.

In order to extract the most from our size, we have created Global Functions in departments such as Procurement, Logistics, IT and Treasury, responsible for generating economies of scale. On top of generating efficiencies, our global teams are also responsible for designing policies and procedures for activities that are executed locally, ensuring the sharing of best practices across our organization.

In our new structure the Divisions hold the link between Headquarters and Countries. They are also a major source of efficiencies, as they will execute tasks that are not covered by the global teams but have potential for synergies.

Countries or locations are in turn the most important of the layers, as they hold the knowledge of the market and relationship with landlords and customers. Our local teams concentrate on activities inherent to the single businesses, while responsible for implementing the processes and procedures previously defined.

Our Business Model

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