Southern Europe & Africa

Market leader in the world’s most important tourist destination

Dufry has traditionally been a key player in the world’s most important touristic region – the Mediterranean – with its operations in Greece, Italy and France, as well as several locations in North of Africa. With the newly integrated operations in Spain, including important airports such as Madrid, Barcelona and the Canary Islands, as well as the Antalya airport serving the Turkish tourist destinations, Dufry has considerably consolidated its presence in this key region. The new division with its headquarters in Madrid also includes all African operations in Cape Verde, Egypt, Algeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco and Nigeria. In total, the division comprises over 120 locations in 14 countries in Southern Europe and Africa. In 2015, the division saw major refurbishments in two important operations: Athens, Greece and Milan, Italy.


UK, Central & Eastern Europe

Building a strong position in key European markets

Through the acquisitions of Nuance and World Duty Free, Dufry has considerably expanded its footprint in several key markets of Central and Eastern Europe. The new operations such as in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and Germany as well as Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Serbia and Bulgaria perfectly extend Dufry’s footprint in Central and Eastern European countries and create a strong operational entity with a well-balanced portfolio operating in 60 locations in 11 countries. This division is headquartered in London and benefits from a broad variety of customer nationalities from mature and emerging markets with both tourist and business travelers. In 2015, the division saw a major comercial development, including shop openings and most important the revamp of World Duty Free’s operations in Heathow, as well as 7 new shops opened at Zurich Airport.


Asia, Middle East & Australia

High priority region for growth with multi-channel potential

Already today, Dufry is the most international player in the region with operations in 11 countries and 130 shops. The strong presence of Nuance in Asia and World Duty Free’s operations in the Middle East, together with Dufry’s existing business provide the perfect platform to accelerate our expansion in this fast growing region. International forecasts on passenger growth expect Asia to have the highest growth rates worldwide for both international and domestic passengers. Dufry’s portfolio of duty-paid and duty-free retail concepts is perfectly tailored to offer any retail needs of landlords. The Asian markets also feature the probably most diverse range of channels, where duty-free or duty-paid shops can be operated. Be it traditional airport locations, downtown duty-free shops, the growing cruise ship business or border shops, they all offer substantial growth opportunities.

The new regional distribution centre will drive efficiency in the supply chain, improve lead times and reduce out-of stock situations for the whole division. The new Dufry logistics center became operational in early 2016 in Hong Kong, where the division is headquartered.

Latin America

A long-lasting stronghold of Dufry’s global presence

The new Latin America division unifies all Central and Southern American as well as Caribbean operations of Dufry. By combining the existing Dufry operations and adding businesses in Chile and Peru from World Duty Free, the new reporting entity will further consolidate its traditionally strong position in this region. The division, which is headquartered in Miami, USA, features some of the most dynamic markets for travel retail globally. Although being the division where Dufry has the largest market share, there are still several opportunities for expansion, including alternative channels to airports.

In 2015, we expanded further our presence in Brazil, taking advantage of the challenging economic environment and opened a total of 2,000m² across 26 shops ranging from all retail concepts. Other locations in Latin America also expanded their operations, for example in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Argentina, among others. Furthermore, the convenience shop concept Hudson has been successfully introduced in Brazil with the opening of 12 shops. This allows Dufry to even better capture domestic passengers and to leverage the existing infrastructure.

North America

High opportunity potential in a resilient market

In the past years, the North American travel retail market has shown a stable growth performance and Dufry still has substantial potential to further develop the division through a variety of channels. The North American division, with headquarters in East Rutherford, New Jersey, is the original market of one of our most successful concepts, Hudson. We currently operate 545 convenience shops in 75 locations in the United States and Canada. Although being a developed market, the region offers tremendous potential for further expansion, not only for Hudson, but also for other concepts. We aim to build on our strong existing market position and vast network of convenience shops and seize further opportunities in duty-free and other concepts in duty-paid, such as brand boutiques and specialized shops. In 2015, the Minneapolis St. Paul’s airport was added to the portfolio with a mix of convenience stores as well as duty-free and duty-paid retail spaces. Furthermore important stores were opened in Virginia, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, among several other locations all across North America. This division continues to be the most dynamic in terms of expansion adding a total of 6,100m² of gross retail space in 76 shops in 2015.

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