Socio-Economic Compliance

Having operations in 64 countries also means complying with different national and supranational regulations. For this reason, from a global perspective, Dufry’s position towards regulations necessarily needs to go beyond the compliance and statutory requirements of the norms and have a more holistic and ample approach. In this regard, Dufry has a number of initiatives and control mechanisms in place that permit the company to monitor and ensure compliance with national and international laws and follow respective ethical standards.

Supplier Social Assessment  

Dufry is aware of its responsibility beyond its own direct activities and strives to ensure that suppliers of goods and services behave responsibly towards society and the environment. To ensure this, Dufry expects suppliers and business partners to comply with the law, stipulated contract conditions and international best practices in respect of human rights, the environment, health and safety as well as labor standards. In this context, in 2017, Dufry has developed a new Supplier’s Code of Conduct, which is currently being implemented in relation to Dufry’s largest as well as new suppliers.

Caring about our Employees

We encourage our employees to work together with a focus on our customers, our partners and our company’s goals every day. We take pride in the professionalism of our teams, their outstanding commitment to first-class service to our customers, their team spirit and the close collaboration with our business partners. This builds a strong base for Dufry’s continuing success and makes Dufry a unique place to work and partner with.

Dufry offers attractive working environments, interesting tasks, fair and competitive wages, and a general working atmosphere based on mutual respect and appreciation for each individual. We foster employee development by supporting a broad range of in-house as well as external training and development opportunities.

We also strongly believe that regularly planning the next career steps together with an individual employee is an important aspect to a long-term, successful employer-employee relationship. Therefore it is important for us to build a constructive dialogue between each individual employee and manager on goals, priorities and personal development. Our staff members receive an annual performance review aimed at evaluating the performance and identifying further personal development potential for next career steps. 

Having grown to an organization with over 29,000 employees worldwide

In the past four years, our workforce has increased by 82% from 16,423 employees at the beginning of 2014 to 29,879 people (FTE) by the end of 2017. The two acquisitions of Nuance in 2014 and World Duty Free in 2015 and their timely integrations have not only changed our footprint in the market and have made Dufry the undisputed market leader in travel retail; they have also meant a lot of transformation and integration in terms of our human resources projects. 

Overall, our total workforce remained stable during 2017 with 29,879 people (FTE) working for the group at December 31, 2017 compared to 28,848 at year-end 2016. 

Dufry’s unique cultural diversity

Our workforce comprises colleagues from more than 70 nationalities across all functions and Divisions. This has been a consistent situation for many years and we continue to believe that this broad cultural diversity represents a unique competitive advantage. We also view it as a key element in the successful development of our Group and in the implementation of our long-term growth strategy. 

The staff in each country is to a high extent local people.

For our employees, it creates a truly international working environment with colleagues from across the world and interesting career opportunities. The staff in our local shops in each country is to a high extent local people. Dufry’s know-how on operating local businesses in 64 countries around the world make us a strong job creator in a large number of cities, many of them being located in emerging markets, thus contributing to local development and wealth beyond the community engagement projects. 

Roll-out of the new HR information system across the Group

The new Human Resources information system “Dufry Connect” is supporting HR and line managers to place additional focus on people management activities, enabling greater automation and solid interface to manage people, development and careers at Dufry. The system implementation was completed in 2016 for the Global functions and in key operations in the Divisions during 2017, with more locations to be added during 2018. As a result, we expect a major efficiency impact on the employee management processes. Another key improvement is related to the learning management platform: The new learning platform comprises all Dufry learning programs and enables training paths by employee role, easily accessible worldwide. 


Dufry Employees

In the past three years, our workforce has increased by 76 % from about 16,400 employees at the beginning of 2014 to over 28,800 people (FTE) by the end of 2016.

Over 70


Our workforce comprises colleagues from more than 70 nationalities across all functions and divisions. We continue to believe that this broad cultural diversity represents a unique competitive advantage.



Dufry’s know-how on operating local businesses in 64 countries around the world make us a strong job creator in a large number of cities.

Talent Management

Dufry ensures that future and long-term management needs are getting addressed by an optimal balance of promoting internal high-level personnel and hiring external talents (for example in new countries where we start operations). Dufry operates a global, systematic integration process to identify high-potential talents in the organization and develop them toward the key roles in our business model.

The talent pipeline

We strongly believe that talent management and -succession planning are ongoing processes. Accordingly, we keep enhancing the pipeline of candidates ready for the key managerial roles and we carry out yearly reviews of the quality of our talent pipeline at two levels:

  • The first level concentrates on a limited number of candidates that will be able to occupy one of the pre-defined key positions in our entire organization. At year-end 2016, this pool of talents included 86 high-potential managers. We trust that with these managers, we are able to address and safeguard the succession in specific key management position.
  • The second level focuses on our stores. Within the top-performing stores’ personnel and supervisors, we have identified 397 “Retail talent” employees as of year-end 2016, on whose development we will focus in order to ensure a quality store management succession pipeline.   

Training and professional development

Dufry carries a strong Learning and Development portfolio of programs, both at the local and global level. As for global programs, our flagship initiatives are the “Dufry Sales Academy” and “Step Ahead Management Development Program”, with which we strive to consistently provide our professionals with the tools, knowledge and capabilities they need to perform at their jobs and develop their full potential at Dufry.

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