Customers gave us valuable insights in the interviews we performed in the summer and late autumn months of 2020. This intelligence confirms that trends identified in recent years continue unchanged, despite the challenging market environment.


Providing a safe shopping and working environment

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in 2020, Dufry implemented throughout all locations its Health & Safety Protocol, to provide both customers and employees with a safe shopping and working environment.The protocol contains the basic health and safety measures defined by the company, but also allows to be enhanced and adapted to the location specific government or airport health and safety regulations.

Exclusive memories for family & friends.

Fostering experiences and offering unique products

By assessing customers’ expectations, we keep fine-tuning our product assortments and service portfolio to suit the latest needs. We fulfill the current focus on experiences with an array of initiatives, such as airport activations, tastings, beauty treatments, an attractive assortment of novelties and exclusive products, as well as a comprehensive service portfolio. Our well-trained and motivated sales representatives help travelers navigate through a large variety of prestigious brands while providing them with valuable advice and information. For us, a satisfied customer is a customer who can also trust us when it comes to product and store safety and comprehensive after sales services. Every year, we welcome customers of more than 150 nationalities to our shops every day. Addressing these customers in the right language and presenting them with the right products and promotions is key to driving sales. As part of our shopping experience, the New Generation Store is a cornerstone of our latest approach to retail. We currently have 13 New Generation Stores and the shopping environment within each of them changes its appearance depending on which nationalities are present at the airport at any given time of the day, based on flight schedules. Displays appear in different languages and show the brands that best fit the respective customer profile.

Providing the right information and helping customers understand the product characteristics in different languages is a considerable challenge as well. Therefore, in 2020 we have further accelerated our initiative  to equip our shop staff with tablet computers to provide customers with extensive information in several languages, ranging from product specific data or allowances at their destination. Going forward, we also plan to offer payment services through the tablets  and eliminate the need to go to the tills.


Comfortably pre-order at home

Convenience is always a key sales proposition, and thus also a priority for Dufry. We believe that engaging with our customers before they enter our shops and well before they reach the airport, provides them with a great opportunity to pre-order products online before they even start their trip, and collect them conveniently once at the airport. Dufry’s “Reserve & Collect” service is already available in 175 locations in 44 countries around the world and new locations are being added constantly.



Dufry operates in over 430 locations in 64 countries worldwide.


Dufry’s loyalty program Red By Dufry is already available in 239 locations.


More than 50,000 items are available in our portfolio for our customers to choose from. 

Red By Dufry

Red By Dufry” is Dufry’s loyalty program which takes the concept one step further for travelers. Red By Dufry works primarily through a mobile application (app) and via the traditional earning of points, the program offers exclusive advantages such as discounts at Dufry stores and specific airport benefits. Moreover, members of the program are identifiable through the app’s beacon technology once they approach the airport and receive personalized notifications on promotions and offers tailored to their preferences. This allows Dufry to increase conversion of travelers into customers and to attract them to the shops. Red By Dufry is already live in 239 locations in 48 countries and is being continually expanded to further operations worldwide. 


Forum – Social media for brands and travelers

Forum is Dufry’s social media platform that provides stories from bloggers and influencers, as well as background information from brands in an exclusive and aspirational environment. Moreover, Forum by Dufry connects with all our other digital initiatives such as Red By Dufry and Reserve & Collect, while initiating the engagement with our potential customers when they are planning their journey or even before that. Forum is designed to support the inclination to shop with us, to change customer perception and to position Dufry shops as the place to find the latest trends and novelties for the main product categories – visit Forum here.


True global return guarantee

Dufry is the only global travel retailer in the industry to offer a true global return guarantee. No matter whether you purchase something in Melbourne, Bali, St. Petersburg, Barcelona, São Paulo, Las Vegas or elsewhere in any other of our shops in the world: if there is a problem with any product that you purchased at a Dufry store, we will replace, refund or exchange your product within 60 days of purchase. In 2020, Dufry’s customer service representatives, who can be reached in several languages by phone, email or online chat, attended around 68,900 customers from 107 countries. Dufry’s customer service team and policies guarantee full customer satisfaction and are the best example of our commitment to an outstanding customer experience day-by-day.

Constantly enhancing customer service.

Customer Satisfaction & Product Safety

Customer satisfaction and safety is our first priority. As a priority, we ensure that all products comply with legislation and health and safety requirements. Dufry complies with legal requirements at every location in which we operate and takes a proactive approach, working with governments and regulators to clarify any concerns. Through active membership in the industry’s trade associations, Dufry helped shaping robust Codes of Conduct (e.g. UK Code of Conduct on disruptive passengers, UK Code of Conduct on VAT, ETRC Code of Conduct on Sale of Alcohol, DFWC Code of Conduct on Sale of Alcohol). Moreover, Dufry has defined its own Supplier Code of Conduct and shared it with its supplier community. More details are available in the ESG Report.


Responsible Marketing & Customer Communications

In its advertising and marketing initiatives, Dufry shows the same responsible stance that it shows in all its other activities. We commit to comply with all regulations and rules in every advertisement and published communication in the countries where we operate. We also expect the same behavior from our suppliers when using the space that we make available
in our stores for advertising and promotions. When it comes to product labeling, we ask our suppliers to comply with the regulations of all the locations where the product is sold. Given that our stores operate in an environment where we serve many nationalities speaking different languages every day, we are proactively engaging with our industry trade associations to find off-the-label solutions. As much as possible, and
in locations where we have our shop tablets in use, we can provide product specification translations in 10 languages.


Customer privacy & data protection

Management and protection of customers’ private data in the processes involving the handling of client information is another area of importance for Dufry – particularly in the context of the further expansion of our digital strategy and the respective customer services it contains. Moreover, as a requirement of customs authorities, airport authorities and also for contractual reasons, the customer’s personal data is collected, processed and retained in accordance with the privacy statement listed on the Dufry website.

Additionally, the company’s Reserve & Collect and Red By Dufry services, require additional personal customer information to provide them with newsletters and marketing & advertising materials. To protect and ensure customer data is handled correctly, Dufry applies high security standards thus ensuring compliance with different legal frameworks. The company has a number of systems and security processes in place, including a robust cyber security system, a data protection policy and specific training for employees dealing with personal information, as well as internal procedures and policies, which follow relevant laws and regulations. 

In this context, in 2018, Dufry had already completed a number of processes to secure the alignment of our operations in accordance to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Specifically, this work involved expanded documentation and information requirements, privacy impact assessments and the right of individuals (mainly customers, employees, partners and suppliers) to request access to, or to correct, delete, object to processing of their own personal data and to request data portability. All of this was completed ahead of the GDPR implementation deadline of May 2018, and Dufry keeps monitoring new developments of data protection regulations and will adapt accordingly where required.

Moreover, the Group also undertakes internal Data Protection Audits and intrusion tests, on top of permanently discussing and improving the protection of customers’ personal data in dedicated meetings held quarterly. For any customer, employee or third party who wishes to report a grievance or who has questions regarding Dufry’s data privacy, there is a specific email address to contact the company, with respective inquiries being coordinated by the Internal Audit, Loss Prevention and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) department.


Dufry’s expertise recognized by the industry

In 2020, Dufry’s customer focus and retail excellence has been recognized by different industry partners again. A complete list of the 2020 awards is available here.

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