Next level shopping experience – New Generation Store

Dufry’s goal to provide customers with a unique shopping experience has reached a new level with the opening of the first new generation stores in Madrid, Melbourne, Cancun and Zurich. Customers can experience a completely new shop design, which changes its appearance several times during the day. The display is done in different languages and changing brands to best fit the customer profile present at the airport at any given time of the day. 

Much more than just retail 

Our aspiration at Dufry is higher than just selling products. Our well trained and motivated sales representatives will help you navigate through a large variety of prestigious brands to find the right product for you. We understand the needs of travelers and therefore we make sure that our personnel is well trained and can give our customers the best service when they are at our shops.

We understand the needs of travelers

In connection with the launch of the new generation stores, our employees are supported by digital tablets to provide customers with extensive product information in several languages and in the near future also to offer payment service without need to go to the tills. 

Pre-order at home – collect at the airport 

To provide convenience is a priority for Dufry: this is why we want to help our customers well beyond our shops. Even before they start their trip, travelers can pre-order products through the internet and collect them conveniently at the airport. Our “reserve-&-collect” service is already available in 47 locations around the world. New locations are constantly added – the full list is available here.

We want to help our customers well beyond our shops

True global return guarantee

Dufry is the only global travel retailer in the industry to offer a true global return guarantee. No matter if you purchased something in Melbourne, Bali, St. Petersburg, Barcelona, São Paulo, Las Vegas or elsewhere in any of our shops in the world: if there is a problem with any product that you purchased at a Dufry store, we will replace, refund or exchange your product within 60 days. Dufry’s customer service representatives, who can be reached in several languages by phone, email or chat, attended over 169,000 customers from 141 countries in 2017. Dufry’s customer services team and policies guarantee full customer satisfaction. That service is another example of living our commitment to an outstanding customer experience day-by-day.


Dufry operates 400 locations in 65 countries worldwide.


Dufry loyalty program RED by Dufry is already available in 100 locations.


50,000 items are available in our portfolio  that our customers can choose from. 

RED by Dufry

RED by Dufry goes beyond the typical loyalty program. It works primarily through a mobile application and besides the traditional earning of points the program offers exclusive advantages such as discounts at Dufry stores and airport benefits. Additionally, members of the program are identified once they are at the airport through the “RED by Dufry” app and will receive notifications on promotions and offers tailored to their preferences. The RED by Dufry program is already live in close to 100 locations and is continuously expanded to further locations worldwide. A full list of the locations, where RED by Dufry is implemented can be found here:

RED by Dufry is already available in close to 100 locations

Dufry’s excellence confirmed by important awards 

In 2017, Dufry’s customer focus and retail excellence has been recognized by different industry partners again. A complete list of the 2017 awards is displayed on our website 

Customer satisfaction & safety

Customer satisfaction and safety is our first priority. As a fundamental first step we ensure that all products strictly comply with applicable legislation and health and safety requirements. Dufry complies with legal requirements at every location we operate and takes a proactive approach working with governments and regulators to clarify any concerns. In this context, Dufry, through active membership of the industry’s trade associations, has helped shaping relevant and robust Codes of Conduct for the travel retail industry (e.g. UK Code of Conduct on disruptive passengers; UK Code of Conduct on VAT; ETRC Code of Conduct on Sale of Alcohol; DFWC Code of Conduct on Sale of Alcohol).

Customer Communications

In its advertising and marketing initiatives, Dufry shows the same responsible stance that it shows in all its other activities. We commit to comply with all regulations and rules in all our advertisements and published communications in the countries where we operate. We also expect the same behavior from our suppliers when using the space we make available in our stores for advertising and promotions. When it comes to product labeling, we request our suppliers to comply with the regulations of all the locations where such product is going to be sold. Given that our stores operate in an environment where we serve many nationalities speaking different languages every day, we are proactively engaged with our industry trade associations in finding an off the label solution.

Dufry commits to comply with all regulations on advertising and marketing

Customer Privacy

Management and protection of customers’ private data in those processes that involve handling of client information is an area of importance for Dufry. As a requirement of customs authorities and for contractual reasons, the customer’s boarding pass is scanned with each duty-free sale transaction to check the passenger’s destination. The information is scanned on a no-name basis and limited to identify nationality and final destination.

Additionally, in some countries, the company offers Reserve & Collect and RED by Dufry services, for which additional personal information from customers is requested. In order to protect and ensure that any customer data is handled correctly, Dufry has a number of systems and security processes in place, including a robust IT security system, a data protection and CCTV policy, specific trainings for employees dealing with personal information as well as internal procedures which follow relevant laws and regulations. In the case of the above mentioned Reserve & Collect and RED by Dufry services, the company applies high security standards to safeguard and protect personal data and to ensure compliance with the different legal frameworks.

Customer data protection is important for Dufry

Moreover, the Group also undertakes internal Data Protection Audits and intrusion tests, while quarterly meetings are held to discuss and improve the protection of customers’ personal data. For any customer, employee or third party who wishes to report a grievance or who has questions regarding Dufry’s data privacy, there is a specific email address to contact the company and inquiries are coordinated by the Internal Audit, Loss Prevention and ERM department.

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