This has been done in a number of ways, such as by making donations to nonprofit organizations, supporting cultural events and entities or giving visibility to some social or humanitarian initiatives. And we intend to continue giving our strong support.

Sponsoring and supporting disadvantaged children, young people and their families, together with enabling them access to education, has remained the main line of action in our corporate community initiatives. At country level, similar projects have been supported and, in some of these operations, our employees have actively participated in the process of selecting the projects we support, reinforcing the engagement and motivation to collaborate with the initiatives.

We are very proud of the efforts carried out by our staff in supporting disadvantaged communities and charitable initiatives even during their free time. Where and when possible, we have supported and funded them and made the individuals and their great work visible to the rest of their colleagues, by using our internal communication channel. This serves a two-fold purpose by a) helping them to obtain additional support and b) it is a way of recognizing and thanking them for their philanthropic support.

Finally, it is also important to mention the role of our customers, who have helped us to raise additional funds with the purchase of certain products – including bottled water, chocolates and perfumes – in support of different NGOs, and by making donations in the boxes available in some of our airport locations.

The initiatives described below are just a short selection of the main projects we support. Our relationship with some of these charities has spanned many years, the earliest project having started in 1995, and we are very happy with the progress made so far. During 2020 we will unveil a cross-national charity project in collaboration with SOS Children Villages, one of our longstanding charity partners. So far we have confirmed the participation of Dufry stores in 23 countries and we expect this new project to help us boost the reach of our support even further.

SOS Children’s Villages supported programs in Brazil, Mexico and Russia

Dufry and SOS Children’s Villages have been working together for the past ten years, supporting families worldwide with the aim that no child should grow up alone. Back in 2009, Dufry started to sponsor a first project with preventive care in Igarassu, Brazil. The construction of a social center was a tangible example of investing in the care for children and youth. Dufry has been continuing to support the running costs and training classes of the center ever since. In 2019, our donation benefited nearly 400 infants, young children and teenagers with their mothers and enabled them to join family strengthening programs with childminding and day care centers. In addition, we financed the yearly family-budgets, medical costs and school fees for children in the SOS Children’s Village of Igarassu.

In Russia, Dufry has again been supporting the running costs of the SOS Children’s Villages center in Lavrovo since 2015. Lavrovo lies in the heart of Russia, about 350 kilometers south of Moscow. The SOS Children’s Villages considers foster care as a priority form of child upbringing in Russia. Dufry’s funding in 2019 supported a child’s village family during one year to receive the loving care and requirements to shape their own future. Starting in 2020 this program will be partly selfsufficient and partly financed by other sources. As an alternative Dufry will support a new project, a family strengthening program in Nairobi, Kenya.

In Mexico, Dufry supports SOS Children Villages Family strengthening programs in Comitán. The programs of SOS Children’s Villages in the social center in Comitàn ensure that children are included in early childhood development programs. Mothers have better opportunities to go to work and earn their own income, while counting on day care solutions for their children. Fathers receive rising awareness in educational matters and are better involved in family responsibility, improving the quality of life for these families. The financial support covers expenses for food, school expenditures, medical assistance and educational staff. Dufry’s contribution in 2019 supported more than 1,000 beneficiaries.

Since 2013, Dufry has also run an additional financing channel to benefit the worldwide work of SOS Children’s Villages, by installing coin collection boxes in various Dufry shops all over the world. To intensify the commitment with this organization, and in the context of the 10-year anniversary of our relationship, Dufry and SOS Children Villages are now evaluating new plans to make the work of SOS Children’s Villages even more tangible for Dufry shops, co-workers and partners. In cooperation with this organization, we will be deploying a new cross-national initiative that will serve to reach even more locations and engage with more customers and this will start to come to fruition in the first part of 2020. Each coin or note is a little milestone for the future of the children and youth at the different SOS Children’s Villages projects.

One Water – selling bottles to provide sustainable clean water service

World Duty Free continues to be one of The One Foundation’s main commercial supporters, a place it has held almost since the beginning of the partnership in 2016. World Duty Free sells the charity’s bottled “One Water” and branded jute bags in all of its UK airport stores. To date, World Duty Free has raised £2.2 million for clean water and sanitation projects, changing in the process over 414,000 lives.

In 2019, World Duty Free has helped improve water services in low-income areas in Nairobi through the promotion of household connections and pre-paid water dispensers. World Duty Free’s support has also helped to repair broken water points in rural communities in Malawi, to train community members to manage and maintain their water points for future sustainability, and to help deliver piped water systems in Rwanda. Over the years, World Duty Free employees have been selectedto go on trips to Malawi as part of a staff incentive to celebrate stores that have shown the most growth in terms of sales. Employees who were nominated to go on the trip are real advocates for the brand, and the experience provides them with a chance to see for themselves the work that One Water is doing. These journeys to Africa are a great way to inspire our staff to get involved and keep supporting the One Water projects, taking back to the stores and our customers, what they have learnt.

Broadening our community engagement with additional projects.

United Nations’ global campaign #YouNeedToKnow

Achieving a more sustainable world is the ultimate goal of the United Nations initiative, #YouNeedToKnow. Started at the UN’s Geneva operations a couple of years ago, #YouNeedToKnow is aimed at raising awareness for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were agreed by all 193 nations in 2015.

Since 2016, soon after the SDGs were set, Dufry has been supporting the initiative by giving visibility to the 17 SDGs and the #YouNeedToKnow campaign. Every year, a key event is marked in the agenda – the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. At Zurich Airport, Switzerland’s main hub for serving international flights, many of the World Economic Forum delegates arrive and/or travel through this airport. Our Swiss team, in coordination with the UN, runs special activities in this airport, sharing with passengers the importance of the SDGs and the role that each individual can play in order to achieve them. Similar activities are performed by our team at the Basel Airport.

One of the major communication tools for the campaign is a booklet, developed by the UN called “170 daily actions to transform our world”. It offers examples of small and incremental – but also fundamental – changes everyone can adopt to live responsibly and to be accountable to the next generation. Some of the actions described in the booklet will become a central piece of a joint campaign by the UN and Dufry and will be launched across Dufry’s network in early 2020.

Continuation of Charity Water Project in Zurich and Basel Airports

The Charity Water project was launched in 2014 as a joint project between Flughafen Zürich AG and Dufry. Since then, Zurich duty-free mineral water has been sold in favor of several charity organizations, which are usually changed every year. The newest one is the one started this year with “Schweizer Berghilfe” (Swiss Mountain Aid), an NGO which supports communities and projects in the Swiss mountains. Swiss Mountain Aid is an organization exclusively financed by donations, with the aim of improving the livelihoods and living conditions of the people in the Swiss mountain area. It promotes the self-help of the mountain population and thus helps to develop many economic and living spaces, to preserve the regional culture and to cultivate the cultural landscape. In the 12 months supporting Schweizer Berghilfe the initiative raised CHF 426,400 for the NGO’s projects.

Since mid-September 2019, the Children’s Hospital (Kispi) Zurich is being supported by Dufry. The Children’s Hospital is a non-profit private institution serving all children and adolescents. It is the largest university children’s hospital in Switzerland and one of the leading centers for pediatric and adolescent medicine in Europe. Each year, approximately 2,300 dedicated employees are committed to the wellbeing of more than 100,000 young patients from the first day of life to the age of 18. A similar activity is also carried out at Basel Airport, in partnership with the NGO Krebskranke Kinder in support of Children with Cancer.

Dufry continued to support Foundation RgZ, which is supporting the development, way of life and social integration of children, teenagers and adults with movement disorders, development problems and mental and/or multiple disabilities, regardless of the severity. The 260 RgZ employees foster, teach, support and engage more than 2,700 children, young people and adults every year in the greater area of Zurich, Switzerland.

Sponsoring children’s education in Haiti

During 2019, Dufry also continued its support to the Hand in Hand for Haiti Foundation, with the sponsoring of their Student Sponsoring Program. Hand in Hand for Haiti runs the “Lycée Jean-Baptiste Pointe du Sable”, which was built as part of the collective response to the humanitarian crisis in Haiti, following the catastrophic earthquake of January 12, 2010. Located in the village of Saint Marc, north of Port-au-Prince, the school provides trilingual education in French, English and Creole to pupils. Dufry’s donation in 2019 supported 25 students to receive free education and it also covered the costs of meals, health services, uniforms, school supplies, and bus transportation to and from the school.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Helping to build the future of young teenagers

Since 1995, Dufry has been sponsoring a social promotion program in Rio de Janeiro, offering free professional education to 30 young people every year from communities around Galeão Airport. Every day, these teenagers go to the program where they participate in various classes and education modules such as English, computer classes, retail operations, professional orientation, teamwork, leadership, rules of etiquette, ethics and citizenship. Classes can be attended by 16 to 20 year-old female or male teenagers. The students also receive free meals, medical and dental care, uniforms, school and educational material, as well as transportation assistance. Dufry supports the students with their career progression too, alerting them to any job opportunities within Dufry’s organization, or with external partners. Employability rates usually reach high levels for those teenagers taking part in the program. Since its beginning over 24 years ago, the program has benefited almost 730 teenagers in total.

Dufry employees are extremely proud to be involved in this initiative and regularly participate as volunteers, as well as acting as mentors to individuals taking part. Every year, 60 volunteers from Dufry and other partners are involved in this important social action.

Support of disadvantaged children remains our main line of action.

Hudson Group supports Communities in Schools in the United States

In 2019, Hudson Group, Dufry’s North American business, continued its long-term partnership with Communities in Schools (CIS), the largest and leading dropout prevention group in the United States, through its fund-raising program.

CIS and its over 160 local affiliates in the United States work directly inside schools, building relationships that empower at-risk students to stay in school and succeed in life. The organization works with nearly 1.5 million students and is proud of its success rate: 99 % of their students stayed in school and 93 % of their seniors graduated or received a GED (General Education Development credential). To date, Hudson has raised and donated over $3 million for the cause, and has also supported various local programs in the communities we serve, including schools and libraries.

Dufry continued to sponsor SOS Children Village preventive care in Igarassu, Brazil.
SOS Children Village in Comitán, Mexico, improves education and quality of life.
SOS Children Village in Comitán, Mexico, improves education and quality of life.

Manchester HOME project

Opened in 2015, HOME is Manchester’s cultural organization founded by the merger of two of the city’s long-standing arts venues – Cornerhouse, established in 1985 and the Library Theatre Company, founded in 1952. World Duty Free’s partnership with the Greater Manchester Arts Centre (HomeMcr) supports work with local schools, youth centers and community centers in the Wythenshawe area (south of Manchester).

Since 2016, World Duty Free has funded workshops at The Wythenshawe Community Workshop and projects at the Wythenshawe Primary & Secondary School. These projects provide opportunities to young people and pupils to expand their horizons, develop new skills and increase their confidence. The opportunity for children and young people to take part in creative workshops that help to develop a range of skills, are fun, but most importantly, the projects give the group a chance to maximize their potential for future training and employment.

World Duty Free’s support allowed 196 participants from 7 different groups to take part in a total of 16 workshops in 2019. There were 2 building tours and 3 showcase events attended by 551 people. 81 % of high school pupils reported that they felt more confident following participation and 72 % reported that they felt more comfortable speaking in front of the class. World Duty Free will be continuing to support similar activities in 2020.

Mind – a new charity partner in the UK for 2019 – 2021

At the end of 2018, Dufry UK employees selected their charity partner for the next three years. We were delighted to start supporting Mind, the mental health charity supporting individuals who suffer from mental health problems, as of January 1, 2019. Mind won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets both support and respect. Mind empowers people through advice, support and clear information. They campaign to improve services, battle stigma and end discrimination. As well as having a national reach through this work, they also have local presenceacross England and Wales through their network of 130 local Minds.

During our 3-year partnership, we have pledged to raise over £150,000 to support Mind’s varied and holistic services. This includes online peer-to-peer support and a mental health Infoline, which received around 120,000 calls last year. The £50,000 that Dufry plans to raise each year could enable just under 10,000 calls to that busy Infoline; each response providing clarity and comfort when it’s needed most.

In addition to supporting Mind, staff in Scotland and Northern Ireland will be supporting the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) and Inspire respectively. All three charities work towards the shared goal of supporting people with mental health problems and promoting awareness and understanding of mental health.

The first year has gone incredibly well with over £55,000 raised in total for the three charities. This has been raised through a range of activities including staff tester sales, brave skydives, bake sales on World Mental Health Day, and of course, generous donations from our customers into till point collection pots in the terminals. To bolster our fundraising during winter, we proudly promoted sales for Meghan the Christmas Bear with a £1 donation to Mind, SAMH or Inspire (depending on location of sale) for every bear sold.

Special Olympics support in Greece

Hellenic Duty Free Shops sponsored Special Olympics Hellas and created a special shopping bag to support this sports organization for athletes with intellectual and physical disabilities. With the support of all the staff more than 8,000 bags were sold, resulting in funds of more than €16,000 donated to the Special Olympics. Bloggers and influencers promoted the Special Olympics in their blogs and social media pages, as part of the dedicated PR program developed by our team in Greece.

At the ”2019 Special Olympics World Games” in Abu Dhabi, which took place from March 14 to 21, 2019, the Greek delegation consisting of 91 people achieved a great performance that surpassed any previous results. The athletes returned to Greece with 64 medals (27 gold, 20 silver, 17 bronze).

In 2019, Dufry has supported the improvement of water services in Nairobi, Kenya.
In 2019, Dufry has supported the improvement of water services in Nairobi, Kenya.

Humanitarian help in Mozambique

Dufry has donated 591 aid kits to the ASEM orphanage in Beira, a town heavily affected by the March 2019 Tropical Cyclone Idai in the central-east part of Mozambique. Beira is located about 1,200 km north fromMaputo, the capital city of Mozambique, where Dufry operates stores at the airport.

The devastation caused by the cyclone in Mozambique North of Beira in March 2019, left 1.85 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. Due to the floods, many children have sadly lost relatives or have been separated from their families. They’re also particularly vulnerable to deadly diseases like cholera and malaria in these dangerous conditions.

The kits included essential, nonperishable food items, including rice, biscuits, milk powder, flour, pasta, sugar and soya oil as well as soap, all packed in a plastic bucket that can be used to transport and to store water.

Hand in hand with the Rotary Club in Maputo, that supported Dufry in identifying where our contribution was most needed, and with the Rizwan Adatia Foundation that helped to prepare the kits and transported them from Maputo to Beira, the aid has been successfully delivered. The orphanage received the kits under the direct supervision of both Dufry’s General Manager in Mozambique, Mario Dinis and ASEM founder, Barbara Hoffman. The Rotary Club in Beira also attended.

Ladybug Dufry École Maternelle – Kindergarten project in Senegal

In September 2019, the NGO Formacion Senegal completed the construction of the Kindergarten Ladybug École Maternelle in Nguiguiss Bamba, in the Louga region of Senegal. This school, 100 % funded by Dufry, can host 60 children aged between 0 and 7 years old and has been placed near a training and work cooperative, also built by this NGO, which is empowering over 140 women in the region. The location of this kindergarten close to the workshop allows women to leave their children being looked after, while they build their skills and develop their professional activity. The school project financed by Dufry provides children with early stimulation techniques and essential learning for young children. This is a pioneer initiative in this area of the Sahel, where schooling – in the best case scenario – usually doesn’t begin until the age of seven.

In addition to the construction of the infrastructure and the provision of resources, specific training will be carried out for three local people to permanently perform the functions of caregivers/teachers.

Ethiopian Enterprises

Dufry supported Ethiopian Enterprises to run its popular Raffle Rapture, celebrated every year during the Ethiopian New Year on September 11. Proceeds of the raffle were used to finance infrastructure for Ethipioan Enterprises’s Arts&Crafts building at Lemlem Baro School. This center provides invaluable art and crafts lessons for their school students and also offers additional courses to both children and adults from the community.

In Rwanda, One Foundation trains community members to manage and maintain water points.

Further donations and cultural events

Dufry supports many other social projects with local activities in countries in which it operates. In Spain, Dufry employees from Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia operations participated in several running events organized by Action Against Hunger as part of the Intercompany Challenge in the months of October and November 2019. For every kilometer run by a Dufry employee, the company funded 10 days of child nutrition treatments. With their efforts on the track, Dufry runners managed to raise over 7,830 days of nutritional treatments, a 40 % increase versus the previous year, equivalent to covering the treatment of 780 children with severe malnutrition.

During the Christmas campaign, Dufry Spain partnered with SOS Children Villages and the Spanish airport landlord AENA to jointly promote the sale of two products – Carremi Nougat – a popular Spanish product during Christmas – and one of the best-sellers perfume brands, Tous. Benefits from the sale of these two products were donated to SOS Children Villages and helped to refurbish an upgrade of the facilities of one of their children’s homes in Spain.

In Turkey, Dufry entered a charity run with 40 employees. The aim was to support disadvantaged children with their education and the Dufry team managed to collect substantial funds for this purpose. Dufry also continued its ongoing collaboration with WWF and supported their Green Office program. The goal of this program is to reduce the ecological footprint, combat climate change and promote sustainable lifestyles in offices and beyond.

In Greece, Dufry also continued its long-term partnership with the Hellenic Red Cross, supporting their refugees program by giving monetary support and donating products to the organization for use in their lotteries and raffles to raise much needed funds.

In Australia, Dufry is a supporter of the Diamond Dinner for the Children’s Cancer Institute. In 2019, this fundraising event once again brought together over 250 high-net worth individuals, celebrities and industry leaders to support the work of the institute that is wholly dedicated to childhood cancer. Dufry was the sponsor of this event and also displayed donation boxes at till points in our stores.

In Armenia, we have supported a Children’s Cancer association as well as a project to build playgrounds, smart centers for kids and adults and the provision of medical devices to hospitals in depressed villages in this Country.

In Korea, through different donations, we support local students with high school scholarships, English classes for children of low-income families and Korean language teaching for multicultural families. In Jordan, Dufry employees supported SOS Children Villages joining an entertainment trip for orphans and adoptive parents, giving food and educational games to inspire creativity and their involvement in the society. The activity benefitted 25 children and 7 mothers.

The annual sponsorship of cultural events also continued. Many local community events such as the Swiss Indoor tennis tournament in Basel, the Mutua Madrid Tennis Open, the Baloîse Session, a three week music festival in Switzerland or the Fondazione Teatro Donizetti in Bergamo, Italy, received our support.

Having a broad and worldwide network of travel retail shops not only has an advantage for Dufry as the leader in our industry, but it also gives us a unique opportunity to spread the support of social programs worldwide. In many shops we maintain donation boxes and encourage our customers to participate in supporting specific local programs or helping victims of natural disasters. The amounts collected every year are truly surprising and we thank all participants for their generous donations. The charities that we pass them to welcome and really appreciate them.

Last but not least, there is a long list of causes our staff contribute to and help with their efforts, either by baking cakes for selling, looking for sponsors for sports challenges, or by helping colleagues and neighbors affected by natural catastrophes. Dufry has often facilitated the communication and the celebration of such events and in some cases, also contributed to and helped raise funds for these causes.

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