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Unique Shopping Experiences – Exclusives, Limited Editions, and Novelties

In the past two years Dufry has strongly engaged with brands to create Dufry exclusive products, limited editions and launch novelties through its global network of travel retail shops. Brands increasingly recognise the power of these strategic marketing partnerships and the unique opportunity to position their products to an affluent audience while offering them memorable experiences through the travel retail channel.

Bvlgari just for Dufry

This high-class ladies’ backpack by Bvlgari is exclusive in a multiple sense. It has been created specially for Dufry, it’s a very limited edition and it is sold only at World Duty Free’s London Heathrow T5 shops. The backpack has been designed for millennials and is tailored to match the taste of British, Chinese and Middle Eastern customers in particular.


Johnnie Likes To Walk With Dufry

An exclusive black label triple cask Johnnie Walker edition for Dufry finished in three different casks that previously held: Bourbon, Caribbean pot still rum and Scotch whisky. The Triple Cask Black Label blend is distributed globally, is made for the younger generation, and features notes of sweet vanilla and ginger aromas.


A New Joy By Dior

Joy is an excellent example how perfume brands develop new fragrances to approach new consumer segments and profiles by complementing their range with innovations. This new Eau de Parfum, illuminated by the vibrant smile of flowers and citrus fruits, was one of the key novelties at Dufry stores in 2018.


Chocolate Frey Returns To Travel Retail As Dufry Exclusive

Switzerland’s No. 1 chocolate manufacturer and iconic brand returns to the travel retail channel with a tempting product assortment including the “Frey Mahony 400 g Orange”, which will be marketed exclusively in Dufry shops in EMEA, Asia and the Americas as of the first quarter 2019.


Toblerone Tiny – Crunchy Almond As limited And Dufry-Exclusive Editions

Toblerone Tiny Crunchy Almond – one of the brand’s most successful flavors is now available in a new light blue and golden bag sold only at airports and containing 34 single wrapped snack-size pieces. On top of this – a Dufry exclusive edition – the brand has produced the Tiny Mix – Crunchy Almond, a 225 g pack with a unique assortment of this range.

Torres 15 – A Brandy Novelty & Exclusive For The First Year

Torres 15 is a tribute to Miguel Torres Carbó, who rebuilt the winery after it had been destroyed in the Spanish civil war. The packing features unique buildings in Barcelona and targets an international audience. Its incomparable character makes this brandy very versatile, to be enjoyed in many ways including with ice, diluted with water, with soft drinks or in cocktails.


Depending on the category, up to 30 % of Dufry’s sales come from promotions, novelties, Dufry and Travel Retail exclusives, and special editions.

Boosting the attractiveness of Travel Retail

The newest trends in customer behavior and shopping habits show that today’s customers want to enjoy memorable shopping experiences that must increasingly provide a sense of individuality and exclusivity and tailor-made offers. Exclusive products, Limited Editions and Novelties and the related experiences are exactly the drivers that brands of all categories can use to best fulfill this wish, while fostering the attractiveness of travel retail as an aspirational shopping environment. There is no better place then travel retail and airport environments to engage with affluent customers and help them experience a brand’s “spirit” in an attractive atmosphere. By developing products sold only in travel retail – or increasingly exclusively in Dufry shops – we can create that sense of uniqueness and individuality, which increases brand value and drives sales. And it is ultimately a great way to avoid comparisons with online or highstreet offers.

Each brand follows its own strategy to drive sales

One size fits all would be the wrong approach. That is why Dufry gathers market feedback and presents the brands with individual opportunities on how to improve product and brand positioning. Creating a limited edition to drive sales in the summer months, or filling a price gap between a 10-year-old whisky and the top range bottle aged 18 years. Launching a seasonal flavor to tempt chocolate connoisseurs or introducing a premium limited edition series to enter high price levels. Or attracting the attention of style-savvy shoppers with a unique backpack from an iconic brand, for the ultimate fashion accessory. This is the reality of several brand partners’ creativity, already successfully displayed and available in Dufry’s duty-free shops.

Our ultimate goal is to create memorable experiences.

Multichannel experiences through activations and story-telling

The combination of physical stores and digital channels including social media or other digital content platforms – such as the new Forum by Dufry – – create the perfect multichannel experience for all the senses. Forum by Dufry features contributions from bloggers and influencers, inspires with real customer experiences and tells brand stories, to attract travelers to the shop floor and enable them to “see and share the experience” in person. The aligned multichannel approach is the best way to attract travelers to the shop floor and engage with them – to ultimately drive sales.

CF-15 Limited edition experimental wine

Jean Leon CF-15 is a 100 % cabernet franc artisan and certified organic wine with limited production. The grapes come from old vines planted in 1974 at an elevation of 260 meters, are manually harvested and carry the origin label “do penedès”. Due to its limited availability the wine is sold in Dufry shops in the Spanish airport stores including the island destinations.


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