In order to provide our stakeholders more visibility over the efforts made by the company to further develop our sustainability engagement, in the previous year 2016, we reviewed the framework of our sustainability reporting based on a materiality assessment developed with the support of Ernst & Young. Through the analysis, Dufry established a detailed view on which sustainability topics are material to our business from both a company and a stakeholder perspective.

Based on this first assessment, and in the interest of a transparent and comparable sustainability reporting, we have orientated our work on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as a reference to identify relevant topics and metrics to be considered. As a result of this process, in 2017, we have now prepared our first report on sustainability in accordance with the GRI Standards – Core Option. More detailed information may be found in the Sustainability Appendix.

Materiality Analysis

As part of the materiality assessment, we mapped the topics that we consider most important for our stakeholders, and identified the ones having the highest impact on our business from a broad perspective, and in particular from a sustainability point of view.

In order to optimally link the company strategy and the broader company environment with the expectations of our stakeholders we have chosen to follow a company specific approach rather than a pure sustainability view, when defining the list of topics which we consider relevant for us and which we want to work with going forward. To compile the list of potential topics we included internal and external sources such as our existing policies and regulations; publicly available materiality assessments of peers; the SASB requirements (Sustainability Accounting Standard Board) as well as the report of the Governance & Accountability Institute.

The main stakeholder groups included in our materiality assessment and the subsequent definition of the topics are: airports, customers, employees, investors (incl. shareholders, bondholders and lending banks), public authorities, society and suppliers. Based on the definition of the stakeholder groups and the materiality assessment, and following the GRI guidelines as a main reference, Dufry identified a list of topics and indicators to report on as a way of providing clear and comprehensive information about Dufry´s sustainability vision. These topics have been grouped into the three dimensions of our sustainability strategy: Economic, Environment and Social.

Our Sustainability Goals

For Dufry, success goes beyond commercial and financial performance. As the leading travel retailer, operating over 2,200 stores in over 390 locations across 64 countries and with a workforce of more than 32,000 employees, we understand that our business activities have also an impact on the societies of the countries we operate in. In addition to this, Dufry is aware of the role it plays in the travel retail industry, where we aim to further improve the overall traveler experience and initiate growth opportunities that benefit brands, airports and travelers alike. For these reasons, we believe our goals are more articulate as we aim to create and increase value for all our stakeholders in a sustainable way, ensuring the impact we have is a positive one.

Economic Dimension

  • Be profitable.
  • Create shopping environments where people want to buy.
  • Support local economies by buying local goods and services, paying local taxes and employing local staff.

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Environmental Dimension

  • Minimize our environmental impact by operating an integrated and efficient logistics chain to transport products.
  • Reduce our waste and energy consumption.

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Social Dimension

  • Maintain quality work environments for our employees.
  • Responsible procurement practices. 
  • Support the communities in which we live and work.
  • Support individual social projects, especially focusing on helping disadvantaged children and their families.

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