Dufry branding combines Swiss heritage and travel retail

The Dufry Logo has been created by combining the cross of the Swiss national flag with the «D F» of Dufry and Duty Free. At first sight, the newly created icon does not immediately transmit the link to the travel retail business, but when rotated by 90°, the «shopping basket» becomes evident.

The Dufry logo visualizes our Swiss heritage and the company’s focus on travel retail. Our corporate identity builds on values common for all our employees across the globe and clearly positions the company in the market. 

At Dufry, we aspire to providing an outstanding performance in whatever we do every day – an engagement reflected in our statement:


Corporate Masterbrand

  • Core corporate brand defining corporate identity and corporate values
  • Owner of business operating model

At operational level, we continue to use existing and well-established commercial brands that are successfully used in specific locations, such as Hellenic Duty Free in Greece or World Duty Free in the UK and Spain, or which represent specific commercial concepts, such as Hudson for our travel convenience stores.

Retail Concepts

  • Retail brands to be used on a project by project basis depending on their local / regional reputation
  • Maintain flexibility of offering customers a variety of concepts

    We will use our respective brands according to their recognition and positive image established with landlords and customers at country or regional level. When selecting a brand for a location, we assess each case separately, which allows us to benefit from the positive local market perception and to successfully drive global expansion while supporting each individual local market.


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