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Memorable Customer Shopping Experience With The New Generation Store

In 2017, Dufry opened the first three New Generation stores in Madrid (Spain), Melbourne (Australia) and Cancun (Mexico), followed by Zurich (Switzerland) in early 2018. The new generation store interacts with the passengers travelling through airports according to their profiles during the day and communicates with them in their respective language, while offering them their favorite brands and promotions.

New generation stores – the ultimate experience

Using digital technology to engage with customers

The newest trends in customer behavior and shopping habits show that today’s customers want to enjoy memorable shopping experiences which increasingly must provide a sense of individuality and tailor-made offers.

Staying connected with customers

To best fulfill these dynamic and fast-changing requirements and to ultimately drive sales, Dufry is accelerating the use of digital technologies in three ways: by increasing the number of communication touchpoints to stay connected with customers during the whole span of their trip; through the digitalization of the shops to improve the flexibility & targeting of communications to customers; and finally, by increasing online services for customers such as Reserve & Collect and the loyalty program RED by Dufry.

New Generation Store – featuring individualized in-store communication

To communicate flexibly and to adapt our marketing to specific nationality groups at airports is a key success factor to attract customers to the stores. With the use of the digital signage technology, instore communication can be varied throughout the day to match language, offers and promotions to match the passenger profiles according to the flight schedules and the peak arrival/departure times of specific nationalities and airlines. By addressing three core principles – communication, entertainment and emotion – we can elevate the instore experience in our new generation stores by delivering exciting, engaging and appealing communications. At the same time, we provide brand partners with an unrivalled opportunity to feature their brands in a very unique immersive concept in an exclusive environment involving digital messaging and display, promotional activities and event possibilities.

In this context Dufry already opened four new generation stores so far (Madrid, Melbourne, Cancun, Zurich), all of them featuring an extensive use of digital technology to communicate with the changing nationalities and customer profiles traveling during the day by engaging all five of senses – expressing how the brand looks, sounds, smells, feels and even tastes.

Staff digitalization

A sales tablet has been developed for use by our in-store specialists to help guide customers directly to the products they want to buy. Providing an enhanced customer service on the shop floor, the tablet offers detailed information on our assortment in a range of languages. With the information at the finger tips of both sales person and customer, it provides a new tool to interact with the customer and a real opportunity for up-selling and cross-selling.

Reserve & Collect Services around the globe

Dufry has considerably expanded the number of shops offering Reserve & Collect services globally. Customers can explore individual store offerings and plan their purchases at leisure by reserving their favorite products while they are still at home. Apart from saving time when being at the airport, they can benefit from our promotions, learn about key store events, new launches as well as travel retail exclusives and best sellers. Last-but-not-least, customers are even invited to decide when to pick up their selection on departure, or if available, upon return in the arrival shops. The dedicated Reserve & Collect page leads the customer directly to the individual Reserve & Collect shop homepages where the service is available and offers additional information. Reserve & Collect is currently available in 47 locations.

Reserve & Collect is currently available in 47 locations

RED by Dufry – unique customer benefits

Dufry’s loyalty program is tailored to travelers and offers our customers attractive benefits such as free parking, lounge access and fast track privilege just to name a few.

With the dedicated RED by Dufry app, customers will receive individualized offers and promotions when they are at the airport, allowing them to benefit from special offers and travel related services such as flight times and allowance updates for all countries worldwide. RED by Dufry has its own dedicated website which offers detailed information on our loyalty program and the amazing customer benefits it includes.

Individualized marketing and promotions

Further enhancing customer experience

Dufry has already a long track-record on enhancing customer experience with contentainment initiatives and shop events to make airport shopping a unique experience. Among the most successful ones we would like to highlight two examples:

  • Magic mirror: Magic mirror is an interactive fitting-room mirror that acts as a personal stylist, suggesting matching accessories to go with the items of clothing being tried on by the shopper. This is used for a range of products from shirts or ties to watches, sunglasses and even make-up.
  • Assistant hologram: The digital assistant hologram is a “virtual assistant”, which can interact with travelers in different languages and reinforces the stores’ marketing communications via video content that highlights specific promotional items.

Continuous development

As technology development moves at such a fast pace, we are always looking for the next technology step or trend that we can utilize in-store to engage and entice our customers to actively shop. We work with multiple technology agencies to ensure we are able to take advantage of global technology trends, thus staying at the forefront of innovation.

Dufry’s digitalization strategy will move travellers shopping experience to another level

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