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Dufry in One Minute

Global Ambition, Global Presence


Dufry Worldwide Mapa mundi - 28-10-2015


Dufry is a global travel retailer with operations in 64 countries.

Dufry operates around 2,200 shops located at airports, cruise liners, seaports, and other touristic locations.

We developed a strong portfolio of long-term concessions with airport authorities and other landlords.

Dufry provides its customers with prestigious brands from more than 1,000 suppliers.

Our customers rely on the professional services of close to 29,000 Dufry employees.

Global and local. Dufry is globally active, with its corporate structure organized in five divisions. We work with local partners and adjust our offerings to the local habits of our customers.

Dufry has a clear vision -- We want to be the industry's most innovative and profitable company.


The Dufry Brand Mission

To sustain our position as the world’s most solid and expert travel retail partner with the unparalleled power to deliver. 


Our Brand Values

Our Brand Values are our company’s DNA that we bring to life for all our audiences. 

These are the Brand Values that drive us in action and communication:


First and foremost, we are an expert retailer, leader in converting travellers into customers in a matter of minutes. We understand how customers are.

Our way of doing business is absolutely customer-centric and focused on travellers. 

Our capacity to deliver to customers – travellers is empowered by fully integrated systems that optimise synergies and empower performance.



We are the only company that operates directly in 64 countries across the world. 

Alliances and acquisitions have made Dufry the category leader offering customers and brands an unparalleled industry network around 2,200 shops, and more than 370 locations (as FY 2015) on five continents. 

Our international dimension brings us unparalleled richness of insights and expert understanding at the local level, adding value to our global model through our local-market management.



Our primary objective is delivering solid financial performance for our shareholders through operational excellence.

We are a solid, successful enterprise characterized by consistent delivery to landlords, customers and shareholders.

Our leadership is based upon our capabilities to execute, innovate and our robust operating model.



The Dufry brand benefits from the solid values and guarantees associated with our heritage: stability, solvency, quality and attention to detail.

Dufry’s solid standing worldwide implies:
- Employees benefit from real opportunities for personal and professional growth;
- Shareholders can depend upon consistent performance and value delivery;
- Suppliers can count on a consistent and reliable guarantee in fulfilling partnership agreements;
- Airports and landlords benefit from the solid expertise and solvency of the category leader.

Dufry Ltd is publicly listed in Switzerland and in Brazil.

The headquarters of our Group are located in Basel, Switzerland.
Our company's history goes back to its foundation in 1865.


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